Exit the Castle
- a JavaScript game

Exit the Castle is a game written in JavaScript as my entry into the js13kGames 2023 Competition.

Exit the Castle

The game

13th Century Badger presents Exit the Castle.

You are trapped in the Sheriff of Nottingham's castle and must survive against his knights to make your way out.

Move your Robin Hood character around the level and use the mouse to fire your bow. Shoot all the guards, and the last one will drop a key for the exit.

13 levels of top-down pixel art action.

Complete each level to choose an upgrade and improve your odds.

WASD or arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and click to shoot.

Play it

It runs a bit faster than I intended so it is quite difficult but it can still be completed.

You can play it here:

The competition

The theme this year was 13th Century.

The competition entry page for the game is here:

It placed 22nd overall out of 163 entries.

Technical details

Source code

You can find the source code here:

It is quick and dirty and doesn't set a great example but it gets the job done.


I chose a pixel art style again after using it last time. I like the aesthetic of it and it makes it easier to meet the package size limitation for the competition.

The character sprites are from MoDsama, the rest is my own work with heavy influences from Enter the Gungeon (the floor tiles) amongst other places.

I used Photopea and Piskel to create the graphics.


The 13th Century Badger music is achieved thanks to Keith Clark's ZzFX Music Generator.

I created the music data manually in a code editor using a 20th Century Fox Theme piano tutorial as a reference. I am sure there would have been a better way to do that.


I just used Terser on the JavaScript file, which was enough for this project.

The images are all in a single sprite sheet which is a PNG 8. The transparency is handled in code by removing a specific color value.


I really didn't think I would be able to put together an entry for the competition this year.

Still I had a nagging desire to try to put together the 13th Century Badger introduction having thought of it, for my own entertainment if nothing else. Managing to do that drove me on to put together the game to go with it.

It is less of a technical accomplishment than my multiplayer game from last year but it was better received, I think because it is more immediately entertaining, mostly because it doesn't require someone else to play with.

I am glad I made the effort and was able to complete a game for this year's competition.

Many thanks to the organisers (Andrzej Mazur and Enclave Games) for their continued commitment to hosting this event.

Long may it continue.