- a saxophone chart editor and player

SaxMix is a project to help people learn to play saxophone. You can create fingering charts, order them into a sequence and listen to them played back with saxophone sample sounds all in a web browser.

Try it out

You can access it here:

The project

So back in the day I briefly played saxophone and everything I learned was from watching Play Sax From Day One by Eric Marienthal on VHS tape.

Looking to get back into it a couple of decades later I dug out the booklet that came with the tape. Each note you learn has a fingering chart associated with it.

I thought I would put all the charts online and make them interactive to create a learning tool.

I posted a link to the result on a saxophone forum and got a mixed response.

Some people didn't get it, some of whom were even unpleasant (and wrong):

and some did get it (thank you!):

Ultimately it is probably as much a technical demonstration as it is a learning tool but hopefully it is good enough at both to be of interest.

Technical details

All the charts are scaleable vector graphics.

TonalJS is used for working out notes.

ToneJS is used for playing the sounds.